Chameleon Earth is now part of BasketBasket - suppliers of a wide range of fairtrade, handmade baskets.

large drawstring beach baskets - bato

children's raffia baskets

raffia handbags with zips

High Quality: French Style, Raffia Baskets and Handbags from Madagascar

A colourful range of beautiful handbags and baskets made with natural materials, raffia and sisal with leather handles.

These baskets and handbags are made by skilled artisans, providing jobs for men and women to support their families. Our manufacturing partner provides a safe environment and operates with a fair trade policy providing a decent wage and no child labour.

A wide range of new stock is available on the BasketBasket website.

Fabulous presents and even nicer keeping one for yourself!

bato pink beach basket hanta stripes in claret 3 sizes valy handbag in lime green

Bato Beach Basket         |         Hanta Claret Spots         |         Valy Lime Green Handbag


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